Ideas & Links

This part of the hub focuses on specific projects, new ideas, and requests for specific actions and activities.

This includes linking you to the Fellows’ Project Wiki.  Again this is work in progress and we are looking for people to add pages about what they are involved with or projects they are currently working on. Please go ahead and create an account, add your project, idea or area of interest and connect to other pages. This is a learning experience for us all so be relaxed about it. The great thing about a wiki is that it can be edited!

In addition, to providing a place where you can put your own project details, the wiki will also enable you to search through the different projects that fellows are working on and link to their projects, activities, and ideas.

One way to formulate your project is through the “Change Story Questions” on the wiki.

There is also a page which contains specific actions and activities that we are working on connected to other fellows. This section will also aim to include requests for help or support in relation to these activities. Let us know if you have any things you would like to include here.

Additionally, you can follow this link to connect to new project ideas. This page provides a link to new projects and ideas being developed by fellows.