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Weekly update to 14/11

RSA History: The First LSE Lectures

Families on the Edge-Does society value unpaid care?

Lynn Williams, unpaid carer, shares her thoughts about carers fighting for support, the new Carers Act and the potential hope created by the emerging Basic Income debate in Scotland.

Finding Meaning in later life-contribute to a Fellow-led study.

Robbie Frazer FRSA asks the question “What should we be doing with the rest of our lives?” and invites people to share their experience of finding work that fulfills us once we hit middle age. The book he’s writing will comprise a series of interviews with people who are facing mid-life career change or have already experienced it, to volunteer to be interviewed for the book.

Collaborations: the new wave of social impact

The RSA has supported the ASEAN Impact Challenge for three years since its inception. For the its third cycle, we are seeking Fellows who have expertise and experience of running social impact businesses to mentor innovative projects. Sharda Vishwanathan, Project Manager of the ASEAN Impact Challenge, shares how the Challenge underlines the power of collaborations to create shared value for transforming communities and scaling impact.

We’re seeking new furniture for the new coffeehouse

As part of our sustainability mission we are hoping to use some existing or repurposed furniture in our new coffeehouse. We believe that not only is this better for the environment, but also that furniture with its own history is better for creating an inspiring space. We want to throw a wide net for ideas, so if you are a Fellow involved in furniture-making, please get in touch. We are particularly interested in re-purposed or sustainably designed furniture. We are only looking for individual pieces, not bulk orders, and cannot guarantee that everything we look at will be suitable for our needs, but if you do have something we would love to hear from you.

News Updates to 27/10


Fellow Focus: Sally Sheinman. Sally Sheinman FRSA, from Northamptonshire, shares her work and current projects with us.


New from RSA Academies: Our family of seven RSA academies are all based in the West Midlands. Find out more about what they are doing, and how you can engage with their work.


Do you work in the care sector? Help this Fellow-led project develop: RSA Catalyst grant recipient Lydia Hirst FRSA seeks care providers with whom to test the Talk Reflection App.


Fellow blog: Dignity, Resilience, Vision: The Value in Creative Practice. The ideas in this post were built with other Fellows who met through the Fellows Artists’ Network in September 2017.


Fellow Blog: The Emotional Hedge. The most prestigious prize in economics, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, was awarded this month to the American economist Richard Thaler, known for his ‘nudge’ theory and a leading light in the growing field of behavioural economics. James Lawson FRSA explores the extent to which the investment community has taken these arguments on board and the implications of doing so.


Fellow Blog: 21st Century Coffeehouse. Ian Blackburn FRSA argues that the concept of a 21st century Enlightenment coffeehouse has the potential to reach far beyond the membership of the RSA to other learned societies and embrace the groups and communities that actually go out and tackle the challenges of our time.


Fellow Blog: Building Community Wealth in the Banking Sector. A group of innovators, led by RSA Fellow James Moore, and a team with over 150 years banking experience between them have spent the last few years building the concept of ‘community banks in a box’, and have now set up the Community Savings Bank Association(CSBA) to facilitate the development of a network of regional Community Banks.


Local Activism: Support for your ideas. If you are an RSA Fellow in Ireland and you have an idea or project that has the potential to become a source for local/social/economic/environmental impact, we would love to hear from you.


RSA History: Improving the Handmill. In the 1750s the Society offered a premium for an improved hand mill. It might sound mundane but it served an important social purpose.


Sustainable Developments in Birmingham: Birmingham-based FRSA, David Middleton, faces a hectic early November promoting the values of sustainable development across the city. On 1 November he co-leads a half-day multi-sectored conference at the MAC in Birmingham and also an In ConveRSAtion event with the RSA’s Sustainability Network. On 7 November he launches his third novel, The Hwanung Solution.


Fellow Blog: Overcoming Presenteeism. Imagine a world where your working peers praise you for taking time out to go to a yoga class or for picking up your children from school. Where you can work from wherever and whenever you want, and when you feel the most productive.

News Updates to 16/10


‘Should the UK be taking a health-based approach to drugs policy?’ RSA Fellow Ronnie Cowan, MP for Inverclyde, is delighted to invite Fellows to attend an event in Greenock exploring new approaches to drugs policy.


World Values Day: Get Involved

The run-up to World Values Day on 19 October has now begun in earnest. Some early events have already taken place, but there are many other events and activities you can get involved with.


RSA Edinburgh Fellows Network meeting with Scottish Land Commission: The Edinburgh Fellows Network is meeting with Andrew Thin, Chairman, Scottish Land Commission in the late afternoon of Tuesday 17 October in central Edinburgh. Any RSA Fellow working in a relevant professional or the rural sector or in a community development organisation is invited to contact Ann Packard ( to establish availability of places, indicating their relevant experience.


GFEST 2017: Fellow-led LGBTQI Art Festival in London. An annual platform for LGBTQI filmmakers, performers and artists, GFEST – Gaywise FESTival ® takes place annually in November, in venues across London. GFEST founder and director Niranjan Kamatkar FRSA has been leading the RSA’s LGBT Network over past two years.


South West Fellow witns UnLtD Award for Work on Ageing: Owen McNeir FRSA has won an UnLtd Grow It award for his project Remarkable Lives – a venture that is harnessing storytelling and tech to improve care in later life.


Sustainable Fashion Symposium During London Fashion Week: The RSA sustainability network’s sustainable fashion group recently organised an event which took place during the SS18 London Fashion Week in September. Fellows interested to be part of the sustainable fashion group please contact Debbie Moorhouse


Comedy in the Classroom–FRSA recognised for outstanding teaching: Dr Gill Seyfang FRSA has been recognised for her exceptional teaching and has been named a National Teaching Fellow by the Higher Education Academy (HEA). The prestigious title is the highest individual recognition for excellence in teaching in Higher Education.—frsa-recognised-for-outstanding-teaching


Screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’: The Scotting Ecological Design Association (SEDA) invites RSA Fellows to an upcoming event in Edinburgh

News updates to 5/10


The Project Car Crash…and How to Avoid It! On November 22nd Project Management Institute North East will return to The Stadium of Light for its end of year conference once again. This is an ever-growing event and holds close to its heart the values of affordability and inclusivity whilst promoting social project management through the institute’s relationship with Enactus UK.….and-how-to-avoid-it


Fellow Blog: Diana Davidson FRSA on ‘Managing a Goat Rodeo’: organising her first RSA regional community event. Book now for Horizon 2050: Creating a Shared vision for the future in Basingstoke and Deane.


Fellow report: Tony Breslin FRSA on ‘Who Governs Our Schools?’, a report on the future of school governance.


Basic Income gains momentum in Scotland: The RSA was delighted to see the Scottish Government’s support for piloting Basic Income which was highlighted in the recently announced Programme for Government.


Jamie Cooke, Head of RSA Scotland, and Grant Ervin, RSA Fellow and Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Pittsburgh, were recently interviewed by Union Edge Radio in the US about the future of work and trends within the economy.


Business Networking Opportunity for Fellows in Liverpool: RSA Fellows are invited to attend a business networking event on the evening of 21 September 2017 at The Athenaeum in Liverpool.


Could you lead a charity? Successful relationships charity Talk, Listen, Change are seeking a new Chair of Trustees. The position is voluntary and will lead them through a period of growth.


Fellow Blog: Miles Clayton FRSA on ‘Aethericising The Curriculum’: RSA Fellow and fine artist Degard recently hosted a cross-disciplinary symposium in the Shipley Room at RSA House – inviting leading physicists, mathematicians, music and spirituality academics, as well as an art gallery owner and art magazine editor, to consider the potential of Aethericism.


Sustainable Fashion London Symposium, 18 September. The RSA Sustainability Network’s sustainable fashion sub-group have organised an event during the upcoming SS18 London Fashion Week.


The UK’s first ever Cohesion Hackathon: Just 48 hours to change the world…well, Barking and Dagenham! On 30 September and 1 October you are invited to take part in the UK’s first ever Cohesion Hackathon, organised by RSA Fellow Phillippa Banister.


Should the UK be taking a health-based approach to drugs policy? RSA Fellow Ronnie Cowan, MP for Inverclyde, is delighted to invite Fellows to attend an event in Greenock exploring new approaches to drugs policy.

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01/09/2017 Fellow Blog: Becca Dean FRSA on An Introduction to the Girl’s Network

The Girls’ Network is an award-winning charity that inspires and empowers girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a network of positive female role models.

There are lots of ways to get involved, outlined in the blog

05/09/2017 Fellow Blog: Why Our Prisons are Failing Us

Brett Sadler FRSA argues that if we want our justice system to be one that genuinely reduces crime, we need to rethink the fundamental principles that underpin it.

06/09/2017 Fellow Blog: Leading From the Heart: The Royal Society of Arts Coaching Network

Coaching Network lead and Founder Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi outlines the Fellow-led Network’s mission and invites FRSAs to participate in its latest project, Coach-Link.

07/09/2017 Visit Fellow-led Art Festival ‘Untold’ this October

The mission is to create a more open and inclusive art-world, and to bring artists closer to art-buyers and collectors. Connecting people and supporting artists are two of the main goals of the project, which will take place during Frieze Week, when London becomes the epicentre of the contemporary art world.  

Untold runs 3rd – 8th October 2017 at 31-33, 35-37 & 49 Church Street, NW8.  Visit to find out more, or follow Unfold on Instagram @unfoldspace. Fellows are invited to a curator’s tour of Unfold on Tuesday 3 October 17.00 – 18.00.

07/09/2017 Contribute to the Creativity in Public Services Network this Autumn.

During the autumn and winter, we intend to offer a series of meetings open to all comers, and set up at least one action learning set whose participants can explore specific challenges they experience in trying to work creatively in public services.

To 30/8 Update,


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20/08/2017 50 Years of Conservation Areas Celebrated: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UK introduction of conservation areas, the Bidwells’ Heritage Team are hosting a one-day conference on Thursday September 21 2017 in Stamford to look at what we’ve learnt about conservation in the last 50 years.

21/08/2017 RSA Fellow Pamela Roberts achieves a plaque to commemorate Christian Frederick Cole, the first Black scholar at the University of Oxford

21/08/2017 Fellow Blog: ‘Artificial Intelligence Holds Great Potential For Both Students And Teachers-But Only If Used Wisely’, Simon Knight and Simon Buckingham Shum FRSA discuss the impact and potential uses of AI for education.

22/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Kim Trottier-Le Bossé FRSA calls out for initiatives and inspiring ideas across Canada: ‘Have you heard about any idea that struck you as innovative path for the future? Do you know about an initiative that could be an inspiration for other people in Canada facing similar challenges? Or simply, have you come across anything that made you think ‘Huh? That’s interesting!’ I would welcome any tips or advice you could provide. I tend to focus on sustainability, education, native initiatives and food security, but I am open to anything that inspires you and the people around you.’

22/08/2017 Reinventing Work South West Outcomes: So far the programme  is half complete and has attracted engagement from 163 leaders and change makers representing 80+ organisations across the public, commercial and voluntary/community sectors. 45 of those have joined the Facebook network page and six have formed a peer support group as their organisations transition to ‘next stage’.  The programme will continue this autumn and will extend its reach by running workshops in Barnstaple, North Devon.

25/08/2017 Fellow Blog: ‘Further Education: A New Mission’ Ali Hadawi and James Crabbe FRSA argue that the further education sector needs to develop a stronger mission and vision for the future, allowing it, like the students it serves, to develop its own culture and expertise and maximise its potential.

25/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Charles Fowler FRSA on World Values Day. This year the focus is on how we come to grips with the values we experience in the world around us – the values of the groups, organisations and communities we belong to. Keep an eye out on the World Values Day Website:


25/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Stephen Horscroft FRSA on ‘Exploring Inclusive Growth in Cornwall’: “We have had a couple of great sessions in Cornwall; with local Fellows considering inclusive growth within the geographical context of our peninsula, and Cornwall Council and the Voluntary Sector Forum starting to think about how we apply the RSA approach through the evolving Shared Prosperity Fund.”

30/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Anj Handa FRSA ‘Igniting Inspiration: Why Women Changemakers Need to be Recognised’ Anj is publishing stories online of women changemakers across five categories to raise awareness of their initiatives. The winners will be celebrated at an event in Bradford in November, where they will connect with fellow changemakers, businesspeople and other influencers.

30/08/2017 Fellows Blog: Cara Courage FRSA on ‘A Map of the Modern Brighton & Hove’: The Modern Brighton and Hove map is a guide to architecture in Brighton and Hove and its close surrounds built in the last 100 years, including Brutalist, Modernist, Art Deco and contemporary architecture. Alongside the map is a programme of guided tours of routes through the city, the next one on 17th September.–hove

To 16/8 Trying a different format to see what works better


RSA AGM 2017: The RSA#s 263rd AGM will take place on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 6pm, in the Great Room at RSA House, 8 John Adam Street, London, WC2N 6EZ.

This year’s AGM provides an opportunity to hear about RSA activity over the past 12 months from staff and Fellows. As well as presentations given by the Chairman and Chief Executive, you’ll hear from our Action Research Centre and Fellow-led projects. Following the AGM there will an opportunity to join us for a glass of wine and to speak to trustees, senior staff and those leading projects—and to find out how you might get involved.
Book here:


Fellow Blog: Miro Griffiths FRSA on ‘Social Movements–An Opportunity to Disrupt Our Sense of Normality’–an-opportunity-to-disrupt-our-sense-of-normality


Fellow Blog: Claire Haigh FRSA and staff member Rachel Barker on #cupofchange, a movement bringing people together in democratic and open ways to work collectively on challenges that really matter. They’re challenging people, Fellows and non-Fellows alike, to step forward and ask the questions, what change do we want to see? and how can we achieve it? over a cuppa at their local coffee shop or cafe.

The first Coffeehouse Challenge in Preswich is on 8th September.

To 11/8


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07/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Howard Gardner FRSA and Danny Mucinskas on Good Work: A View from ‘Across the Pond’. They respond to The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices and present two contrasting perspectives.
07/08/2017 An Evening with RSA US Chair, Lolita Jackson, in Japan, Fifteen people gathered to hear how fellows in the US have been fostering the power to create over in their part of the world. They also had a chance to hear about Lolita’s work as an expert on resiliency in the NY Mayor’s Office. The engaging conversation covered many issues and by the end of the two hours, ideas were sparking.
08/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Alex Clare FRSA on reform of gender specific pronouns in the English language. Alex argues that a way to speak about all people equally should encourage equality of thought as well as the more mundane pleasure of being able to write simple sentences.
09/08/2017 ASEAN Impact Challenge 2017: a regional programme to discover innovators and entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia who are accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the ASEAN Post-2015 development agenda through cross-sector partnerships and scaling disruptive innovations.

For more information, visit or email

10/08/2017 RSA Japan’s Going Beyond Ideas, an ongoing series of events in Japan organised by Japan RSA Connector, Tania Coke, with support from the RSA Japan Fellows’ Network. Their third session in July focused on the role architecture plays in addressing both physical and metaphysical requirements, and was presented by architect Takefumi Kamio FRSA.

Around 30 people, including a number of RSA Fellows, gathered at the CTW space in central Tokyo to listen to Takefumi take the example of a Japanese tea house to demonstrate his ideas.
11/08/2017 Fellow Blog: NYC-based Lolita K Jackson FRSA and her Edinburgh Fringe show Souldeep. This show combines her love of Scotland with her love of jazz and jazz-funk. Featuring musicians from Scotland and the US, the set will include songs from artists including Stevie Wonder, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Chaka Khan.
11/08/2017 Gifted Citizen Prize 2017: Call for applications. The ‘Gifted Citizen Prize’ seeks to benefit humanity by promoting innovation, through incentivizing social entrepreneurship projects from around the world. Gifted Citizen is looking for people that are committed, have ambition and vision, and have a pragmatic approach to their projects.

Apply here:


To 2/8 :

Date Content Link
27/07/2017 RSA TechIsland UK Project, designed to stimulate the debate about how to develop the Isle of Wight’s economy as digital economy.
31/07/2017 Fellow Blog: Charles Fowler FRSA, “Brushing your teeth and the values challenge”
01/08/2017 Help test the Eco Buddy App, a personal carbon diary, developed by Andrea Bizzotto FRSA.
01/08/2017 Your Oldham Campaign, which aims to inform and engage residents in local initiatives and inspire them to get involved.

Your Oldham Festival 2-9th September.
01/08/2017 Blog celebrating Ashley Jackson, Yorkshire Artist, who has been a Fellow for 50 years.
01/08/2017 Fellow Blog: Robert Ashton on ‘Why doing business ethically really can pay at Open Norwich’.
02/08/217 Fellow Blog: Richard Davis FRSA on ‘Creating Public Sector Implementers’–a new Fellow and former public servant welcomes the debate and suggests that the huge challenge is to change our expectations of those charged with implementing policy.

To 31/7:

Date.………. Content Link


Call for Volunteers in the United States to join summer working groups to co-design the next chapter of RSA U.S. together.
20/07/2017 FRSAs & management consultants Frank Hore & David Low have written a blog about management: ‘Management: Just a Conjuring Trick?’
24/07/2017 Opportunity to partner with the Global Partnerships Forum, a not-for-profit platform focused on encouraging new forms of collaboration and partnerships, that can help bring about positive social change in society and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Louis Horsley FRSA has written a blog: ‘Converging Our World’, about the origins of the vision for RSA Motivate Oxford

24/07/2017 The RSA’s partner, Street Wisdom, is coming to Arundel Festival
24/07/2017 First meet up of the new Winchester RSA Network
27/07/2017 Join the William Shipley Group and History of Geology Group at an all-day symposium on 9th November: This joint conference will consider a little known area of the advances made in the new sciences of mineralogy and geology thanks to the awards made by the RSA.
27/07/2017 Laura Willoughby FRSA and Catalyst award winner has written a blog about Club Soda, the mindful drinking movement, which seeks to influence behaviour change in bars and pubs to provide low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, working with alcohol charity Blenheim: ‘The Mindful Drinking Movement: Catalyzing Club Soda’

RSA Lead Shift: a series of lunchtime workshops in partnership with forward-thinking organisations in the South West.

This RSA workshop has been designed to support the RSA’s #GoodWorkIs initiative, and is open for curious minds to explore how we voice leadership choices and notice what things influence our decisions at work and in the community. We’ll have lunch, utilise our shared experiences, reflect on models and new scientific theories, all of which will suggest alternative ways of organising ourselves.

Currently looking for fellows who want to host a workshop in the SW Area.—-choices-decisions–voice

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