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The RSA does a lot to encourage Fellow ideation via its events and programs, including the Catalyst programme and RSA Engage, but lacks active globally-accessible ongoing support for Fellows to generate and improve ideas, before or post event. In practice, there is a lot of work to be done to turn a good idea into a great idea, and a great idea into reality. As our world becomes ever more complex so this challenge increases – all the easy ideas have been acted upon!

The Incubator/Accelerator project is a Fellow-led initiative to explore how we can help each other develop and scale ideas and projects to achieve greater impact.

To find out more about the Pilot phase and its status, raise questions or express support, go to the Pilot Forum topic

If you have an idea or would like to help others devlop their idea then register above, or read on!

What type of ideas are suitable?

For the Pilot, we are looking to help incubate ideas for early-stage startup social enterprises. This means the idea is in one of the first 3 stages on the model above, typically with no external or partner funding or formal market validation. In the future, we may also address later-stage or commercial ideas but for now we want to stay focused and align with RSA focus and current RSA funding programmes, such as Catalyst.

There are no geographic or sector limitations. If you have any doubts about whether the Incubator Pilot is for you or your idea then leave a message on the Forum topic and one of the project team will respond. If you need some guidance on the whole process of creating a social enterprise, then we suggest you spend some time on the UnLtd website, one of the best free guides available to social enterprise, and one we will be using to help guide and structure the Incubator.

Note: The Incubator is not a proxy for the Catalyst or any other RSA programme, nor does it seek to judge or rank ideas. It is designed to respond to those requesting support, coaching, mentoring, knowledge or advice for their ideas.


Those applying will be invited to participate in one of 3 1-hour Zoom conferencing sessions where they will have a dedicated Breakout room to informally present & discuss their idea with fellows willing to help. Please note this is not a pitch session though ideas will need to be concisely presented, both in summary before the call and orally during the call.

A summary of the idea and any supporting materials will be shared via the Hub on registration and can be shared during the Zoom Breakout. Fellows should only provide information thay are willing to be in the public domain.

We will use the Forum and other channels to attract fellows with the skills or experience requested or relevant to the ideas submitted to offer support and attend the Zoom session.

Participants will have the option to follow-up post the Zoom session as they see fit, via the Forum or directly with interested fellows willing to work on the idea.

Those not familiar with Zoom will be given an opportunity to attend a brief training session before their call – details to be advised. In the meantime, you should check your computer is compatible with Zoom at https://zoom.us/test. You will need to download a free plug-in. Tutorials are also available from the Zoom site.

Calendar of Zoom sessions

Currently the scheduled sessions are (all times UK):

  • Thursday 4th Jan @18.00,
  • Wednesday 10th Jan @18.00,
  • Tuesday 16th Jan at 12.30.
  • NEW – Tuesday 23rd Jan at 08.00 CANCELLED!
  • NEW – Sunday 28th at 19.00.
Status Jan 4th Jan 10th Jan 16th Jan 23rd Jan 28th
Ideas submitted 2 (2) 1 (1) 2 0 0
Support offered 5 (5) 4 (4) 5 1 1

These are subject to change, depending on demand. When applying you will be asked to select one of these sessions. Joining instructions will be provided a few days before the session.

Download an xls of Incubator Pilot Participants

Personal Responsibilities & Obligations (small print!)

  • Please remember that we are all volunteers offering our services to the Incubator pro bono and no charges are levied or contracts assumed or implied through participation in this project.
  • All participants commit to holding all information and knowledge they obtain via their participation in confidence and will not divulge, share or apply without the express consent of the owning party.
  • All participants will be asked to complete a brief survey to capture feedback on the Pilot, and suggest improvements for the next phase.

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